Note for ​untitled [fantastic]

 In this work, there is almost nothing which can be called melody or motif in general. The acoustics is always crossing over between musical sounds and noise sounds, and pitches are also quite uncertain through the entire piece. Additionally, it has nearly no rhythms or beats there.


 This piece consists of 26 fragments, each of which takes one second in the shortest, or one and a half minutes in the longest to perform,  but they're all required to be performed continuously as attaca, so we wouldn't perceive each individual fragment clearly.

 This piece, as a whole, is hard to grasp definitely and extremely abstract like "water".


 However, it does have an "absolute construction" which put the whole together systematically. This construction is making the materials which are freely swaying back and forth develop or organize forcibly, and giving some restrictions to them. But on the other hand, it can be a trigger for players to breathe.


  "Fantastic" is the only word I, the composer, can come up with to describe the atmosphere, but I hope you will sharpen all your senses and experience what you listen to on your own.

​Yûta Bandoh

Note for ​untitled [fantastic]






 作曲家自身にも、fantastic としか例えられない空間を、感覚を研ぎ澄まして体感していただければ幸いです。

​坂東 祐大

■Commissioned by Ami Itoh

■ver. Violin solo

■ver. Violin solo and live electronics (TRANS project )