Note for ​Seesaw

This work started with the rather twisted idea of turning the concept of “unbalance” into music. Like an actual seesaw the main violin and the piano keep trading off various energy relationships. It begins with them simply passing the leadership of the music back and forth and leads to exchange and mutual adaptations of all sorts of elements: thickness of texture, speed, energy levels according to pitches, and more.


What keeps these all from giving rise to an abundance of sound is the key to the moment of listening: by persistently switching the imbalances from one side to the other, a kind of trance state is produced. If I am able to link that state to the peculiar sensation of riding on a seesaw (a sensation that would ordinarily feel uncomfortable but here is nonetheless interpreted as pleasurable), then I will have succeeded in my aim with this work.


The work is divided into 3 parts, though the music is virtually continuous throughout. I hope you are able to enjoy the determined ongoing transformations in this music of unbalance, and if so I will be extremely gratified.

​Yûta Bandoh

  "アンバランス"を音楽に変換する - 今作はこのひねくれたコンセプトから出発しました。


  これらは豊かな音楽を生み出し- とはならないのが聴く際の鍵となるのですが、ひたすらにアンバランス状態を変換し続けることにより一種の"トランス状態"を創出します。そしてその状態こそがシーソーに乗っている時に感じる奇妙な感覚(本来なら不快であるにも関わらず快感として捉える感覚)とリンクするのであれば、今回の試みは成功したと言えるかもしれません。



​坂東 祐大

■version duo commissioned by ROSCO


   Premier Performance, 23st Sep, 2016

   Tokyo Opera City, Japan
   ROSCO, Kaori Ôsuga (pf) Fumiko Kai (Vn) 

■version violin, piano & string trio commissioned by Music From Japan

   Premier Performance, 19th, Feb.2017 

   Victor Borge Hall at Scandinavia House, New York

   Molly Morkoski, Momenta Quartet