Note for ​"Bubbles I"

 The emergence of the internet made us feel that the time of nowadays is unbelievably getting faster than in the past.  

 As we can notice, the time we spend doing pleasant things today is undoubtedly getting shorter than 10 years ago. The elements which I tried to express myself in this composition are related to how I can I compose a musical labyrinth with a contemporary sense of time.

  This piece consists of 88 fragments and they can be categorized into 9 groups.The Moment Form was applied and the composition was created with a big amount of information.While each fragments’ feature is preserved, the composition is developed organically and unpredictably like the state of the bubbles.

  The act by itself of listening actively to many elements from the labyrinth may remind the listener about resistance to the sense of time, that has become very accelerated.

​Yûta Bandoh

  インターネットの出現により、現代の時間の感覚は、昔に比べて信じられないほど早くなっている と感じます。




​坂東 祐大

■Commissioned by London Ear Festival

■ Premier Performance 

  22/03/2018  - London Ear Festival | Warehouse info


   Fl. / Cl. / Vn./ Vc. / Pf.